For a dramatic, glamorous and fuss free look, eyelash extensions are your best friend.

They help you get the dramatic and fluttery lash effect that would even give Bambi a run for its money. What’s more? You won’t have to worry about mascara going down your face in case you end up getting a bit too emotional on your special day. Another plus point is that you’ll still look like an ethereal goddess even if you choose to go makeup-free on your honeymoon.


What are Eyelash Extensions?


So what exactly are Eyelash Extensions? Unlike the usual false lashes, eyelash extensions are hand-glued over your existing eyelashes by a professional. They are weightless and aren’t felt once applied, and you can build them up as much or as little as you’d like.


The size of the eyelash extensions will be tailored for your eyes, so there’s no risk of you ending up with a drag queen look – unless that’s something you have a fancy for, in which case it’s absolutely achievable!

How Much Time is Required For Applying Eyelash Extensions?


Eyelash extensions can take up to three hours to apply, especially if you desire a very dramatic and fluttery look, but the final results make it all worth it!

What Are the Care Instructions for Eyelash Extensions?


Firstly, try not to get them wet during the initial 24 hours – time to shower with goggles!


Next, remember that lash extensions are delicate and need more gentle care than our natural lashes. Make sure you don’t use makeup remover over them.

Opt for cleansers that are safe for use with lash extensions. Stay away from oil-based cleansers that can break down the adhesive and lead to premature shedding.

When removing your makeup, make sure you wipe downwards so that you don’t tug at your lashes.


If you think your lashes are looking a bit tangled (which can happen sometimes!), try separating them gently with a fluffy spoolie brush. Sometimes, lash technicians provide you with a special brush for separating your lashes with.


Aarti Dahiya, Assistant Trainer and lash extension specialist at Browhaus, suggests brushing your lashes so that they keep pointing in the correct direction and don’t get tangled up. She also recommends not sleeping on your face so that your lashes can remain tangle-free.

Can Makeup Be Used with Lash Extensions?


Mascara is usually not required with lash extensions, and it is actually advised against using it over your lashes since they can get deformed when you remove the mascara.

If you’re looking for even more definition than what you have with extensions, try to avoid using cream based eyeliners, as their ingredients can dissolve the lash adhesive.


If you’re interested in getting lash extensions for your wedding, try to have them installed in time for the makeup trial so you can see how they impact your look. If you will be wearing eyelash extensions, you should let the makeup artist know about this as well.


Just to be on the safe side and know exactly how your lashes will look, it’s recommended to get a trial application, so that you can see if you’re happy with how they look and make any adjustments.


How Long do Eyelash Extensions Last For?


Just like our normal lash cycle, extensions can last for up to a maximum of six weeks, but normally only stay for about two to three weeks. Eyelash extensions shed along with your natural lashes.


Your lash extensions will still look great if you head for your honeymoon right after the wedding, which means you won’t have to stress out about mascara or fake lashes!

How Well in Advance Should Lash Extensions be Applied?


Aarti recommends getting eyelash extensions as close to the wedding date as possible, so that they give off the best effect on your special day.

It is recommended to get them done about three to four days before the big day. People with sensitivities may experience bloodshot eyes, which is something we never want in wedding photos!