According to the prime minister, the UK intends to eliminate the restrictions on weddings and bans on social contact by 19th July.

Boris Johnson, later in the press news, confirmed that the UK tends to enter the fourth stage of recovery after a delay of 4-weeks owing to an increase in covid-19 cases.

The government will most likely undergo a test containing four series whether 19th July will be the “Freedom Day” or not. It follows the government’s decision to postpone its proposal to remove all limitations on social distancing by 19thJuly.

From 21st June, weddings can take place with around 30 guests as long as people are observing social distancing. However, there won’t be any limit on the no. of guests after lifting wedding restrictions from 19th July.

To be more precise, weddings have been struck hard because of the bans on wedding ceremonies to keep the spread of coronavirus at bay.

However, weddings will now take place without restrictions on the no. of guests, along with music and dancing after the ban lifts.

With that, hosts can serve food and drinks at venues and worship houses. However, it should not be at the cost of people’s safety. Moreover, it’s better to avoid sharing containers or glasses, especially during a religious ceremony.

“There will be a lot of couples who planned, hoped, to do it, put a line through it, done it again and rescheduled again,” said Argar while talking to Sky News. “Not only does that cost money, but emotionally that is incredibly difficult for couples who want to have their special day and want to get married.”

He further added, “I know that weddings and people in that particular situation will be very much in his mind at the moment; it’s one of the things he has been looking at.”

Approximately 50,000 marriages have been scheduled in July. Thus, once the bans are over, then there will be sweet wedding bells for married-to-be couples.